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Island tours

Saipan tour options
• World War II Pilgrimage
• Cruise ship special
• Saipan in a Day

Tinian tour options
• Enola Gay Tour
• Tinian Cultural Tour

Guam tour options
• Battle of Guam tour
• Guam military base tour

Pagan tour options
• Castaway Tour
• Pagan by Plane Tour

All tours are customizable. Request a quote for details
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Discover Destinations Advantage
"Not all tours are created equal!"

Every customer is unique. Some have unusual requests for their visits to Saipan, Tinian, Pagan and Guam--everything from simply fiding unique accommodations and transportation to locating specific individuals for genealogical research, or historical/cultural artifacts for study, to visiting "off limits" areas, and doing unique activities!

Whatever your unique request, my mission is to "make it happen" for you. In the process, I do everything I can --leveraging professional as well as personal contacts, calling in favors, harnessing my experience in unrelated industries and backgrounds--to make your request come true.

As a result, you may end up enjoying a tour experience that doesn't currently exist, and that likely will not be offered to anyone else in the future in quite the same way!

That's my Discover Destinations advantage, and that's what you pay for!

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